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Bring Nature Into Your Home

Updated: Mar 10

To liven up your home and bring in some positive yang energy, buy some fresh flowers and place them in your kitchen, entry way, or family room. It is an inexpensive way to bring nature's energy in and liven up the space. Flowers bring in good energy and can help a room really come alive. We should never lose the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of what is around us. To reduce stress and calm the mind try lighter colors. To enlighten the spirit and energize the space try bolder, more vibrant colors. The possibilities are endless, have fun with it.

We can also bring in natural driftwood decor, woven baskets, and plants for a peaceful vibe that brings us closer to nature. Or try making beautiful seasonal centerpieces to place on counters or coffee tables. Simple natural decor can really change the feel of a space and help us be more in balance and reconnect us with the natural outside world.

Spiritual nourishment of our soul is very important to our welI being and overall health. We often times get caught up and forget that are bodies need renewal and breaks. A simple walk or stroll in the sunshine can be that miracle cure to help refresh and de-stress. In our homes, we can open the windows to let the fresh air in and open drapes to let an abundance of sunshine and natural light cleanse and purify the space.

If you are selling or getting ready for an open house or to show your property, natural decoration, such as flowers, are a simple way to make the room feel more pleasing, fragrant and homey. It sends out good vibes to buyers and makes them feel good when they walk into the space. It is an extra touch that can have a positive impact. Who doesn't feel good when you smell and see beautiful fresh flowers? Try it and see.

So remember, sometimes simple is better. Beauty is all around us if we stop and notice. Bring the beauty of nature inside with simple natural decoration. It will harmonize your space, lift your mood, and inspire good vibes.