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Buying With Feng Shui - Q & A From A Buyer

Updated: Mar 10

Lindsey Stead, Orange County Realtor, answers questions on how Feng Shui comes in to play when searching for the perfect home to purchase.

Q: Can I tell if a home has good feng shui energy from looking at photos of a home online?

Yes and no. Have you heard of the expression, "a picture is worth a thousand words?" A picture can be a great starting point when buying a home to help you narrow down your home search. If you look at pictures online and you feel a strong connection and like the house, this can be the first step in the process of feng shui when buying. Good feng shui has to start with your own personal connection with a house, which is different for everyone.  Even if someone tells you that a house has perfect feng shui but you don't like it, you will never feel comfortable living in the home.

Q: What are a few things I can look for in person when touring a home with a realtor to see if the home has good energy?

You can't see good feng shui with your eyes when looking at a home with a realtor. It has to be felt. The true art of feng shui is the ability to feel the energy in a space and be able to adjust it. Very few people know how to do this properly. This can be trained but takes years to develop with the right meditation training. A home can actually look model perfect and beautiful but have bad feng shui. Bad feng shui means the energy in the space is not good and is stuck or heavy. It needs to be rebalanced, similar to acupuncture for the body. When the energy is stuck and doesn't flow, a well trained feng shui master can fix the problem and make the home healthy again. 

Q: If the home has bad energy, but is a great deal, can I shift the energy by using feng shui? If so what are a few examples of what I can do once I’m in the home?

If a home has bad energy and is a great deal, yes everything is fixable. That is why I have combined feng shui + real estate. Even stigmatized properties can be fixed. Stigmatized properties are usually just carrying heavy negative energy that lingers on the property and can be cleared by a very good feng shui master. A person can't clear it by themselves. It is a misconception that a home's energy can be simply fixed by moving things around or by placing objects. This is a very small aspect of the true art of feng shui. The true art is actually very deep and complex and takes years to master and study. The feng shui master on my team has been highly trained since he was young and has been practicing feng shui for over thirty years. You have to have strong internal energy in order to properly feng shui a home and turn it into a Happy Healthy Home.