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House Hunting Made Easy

Updated: Mar 10

1. Budget

Know exactly the number you can afford and write it down on a piece of paper. Factor in living expenses, property taxes, car payments, HOA, closing costs, homeowners and hazard insurance, utilities, private mortgage insurance, and any other extra expenses you can think of. You want to live a happy and comfortable life in your new home knowing that there is plenty of money left over to cover your lifestyle wants and needs. Worry less - Live more.

I have actually seen multi-million dollar homes that literally have sleeping bags on the floor with no furniture. It looked like the family was camping out. Who wants to live like this?

2. Get Pre-Approved

If you need a mortgage, getting pre-approved will show sellers that you are a serious buyer when it comes time to make an offer and that you are already approved for a loan necessary to back the purchase offer on a home. In a hot market, this helps give you an advantage over other buyers. These days many buyers have to compete against all cash offers and having a pre-approval letter gives you a shot and pushes your offer to the top of the pile against other non-cash offers.

3. Amenities & Location

Write down the must have amenities that you need in a house and the ideal location or community that you are looking to live in. Examples of amenities are number of bedrooms and baths, one or two story homes, updated appliances, open floor plan, gated community, etc. You can also be more specific and write down the style and size of house that you need. This will help narrow down your home search and not feel overwhelmed.

4. The Fun Part

Most house hunters begin their search online. Now that you have your list you can look at homes that meet your search criteria and price range. Write down the addresses and homes that spark your interest and go check them out in person. At this point, hiring a realtor would be advisable. They can take the stress off of your shoulders and help do the leg work and show you homes. This is my favorite part with clients. If you need any help, feel free to let me know.

5. Home Sweet Home

When looking at homes always remember to check out the closets, drawers and pantries of the homes that you really like. Sometimes looks are deceiving and space is not what you think once you check inside. Do a mini inspection of the house and don't be afraid to be forward and ask questions. It is always better to find things out sooner than later. Remember, check the garage. This is a space that is often times forgotten but important.

Good luck with your home shopping!