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The Power of Your Home's Entryway - Judging a Home in 10 Seconds

Updated: Mar 10

They say don’t judge a book by its cover. But what about judging a house on its photos? A home can look perfect online, but that could all change the second you walk through the front door.

During those first ten seconds in a home, you’ll be able to tell if you feel all warm and fuzzy, or cold and stark.

What makes you feel ‘at home’? Close your eyes, imagine the smell of mom cooking a hot dinner, the warmth of the heater on a cold rainy day, or the sound of family members laughing. This could easily explain how the phrase ‘I feel at home here’ is supposed to make you feel. You won’t experience these exact same sensations when touring homes with your realtor, but something unexplainable inside of you can still sense if you feel ‘at home’ or not in a new space.

If you're a home buyer in Orange County and love a home and the price, but don’t feel quite ‘at home’ in the space, don’t give up hope. Using Feng Shui, you can shift the energy in the home once you’ve moved in. Or, if you're a seller and feel that your entryway isn't sending buyers the right message, here are a few quick ways to brighten up this part of your home:

1. Clear any clutter from your front porch, yard, and doorway. This will allow positive energy to flow into your home.

2. Place well-groomed potted plants on each side of the door. They will filter out bad energy and attract good energy.

3. Incorporate certain colors into your doorway, such as red to bring wealth and abundance, blue for relaxation, and green for growth.

Using a realtor team who is experienced with Feng Shui puts home sellers at an advantage because we can make your home shine in its best light possible, attracting positive energy and more importantly, the perfect buyer.